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Are Women Free?

Updated: Jun 12

The USA’s core value is LIBERTY (FREEDOM) and JUSTICE for ALL

“The American Founders had a deep conviction that God Himself had mandated that all people should be free, and that it was a basic duty of all who loved and served God to help set His people free” (Rick Joyner)

Yet entering this new year of 2020 many women are still not free to preach or lead in the church or even be a leader with the same authority alongside their husband in their own home.

According to the research released by “Get the Facts & Figures” 1 in 4 women aged 18 and older in the US have been the victim of severe violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. Now what about the women who have been emotionally abused? Treated as inferior, called names, be put down, treated as a slave (expected to cook, clean, do the laundry). You can find the longer list in my manual “Let My Women Go!” in the Psychological profile of an emotionally abusive or oppressive man. You can’t find the accurate stats for that since most don’t report emotional abuse, yet research shows that the impact is the same as physical violence.

I wrote my manual Le My Women Go!, because so many women don’t realize they are in an emotionally oppressive relationship. Some think their relationship is just normal especially if they have accepted the lies given from the church who believe the wrong Bible translations. Many are pastors’ wives and members of the church.

One lady in counselling told me she was not in an abusive relationship because her husband had only punched her 3 times throughout the marriage. Ladies, it doesn’t have to happen every day, it shouldn’t happen once, ever! You shouldn’t be oppressed and treated as inferior since God doesn’t create us inferior. The word inferior would never be found in Heaven but it would be found in the devil's language. God creates us unique with our special spiritual gifts and talents so we can work together.

God didn't create two genders so one could be excluded and discriminated against. The same Holy Spirit in you is not inferior to the Holy Spirit in your husband. Jesus gave us ALL authority; we don’t lose it once married. Marriage is a partnership of mutual support, love and respect, which includes shared chores and shared decision making. If anyone wants to live inside of Jesus' Kingdom on earth, He is the one in charge even in marriage and He gets the last say!

For more in depth teaching, get my manual “Let My Women Go”. and my other books Before the Ring and Beyond, the Ultimate Key to a Healthy Marriage, and Life in God's Kingdom, How to manifest Heaven on Earth.

Be free in order to be mighty for Jesus!

In freedom and might,


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