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Let My Women Go!

Updated: Jun 12

The book every teen, person dating, pastor, man and woman should have.

The truth shall set you free!


- God's heart and His true intentions for women

- the truth of what is written in the original Greek text of the Bible regarding women

- the tactics and red flags of an emotional abuser / oppressor

- the impact of oppression on women and children

- the weapons to use against the spirit of oppression

- the tips for moving forward

- God hates abuse, lies and cowards , none of His children should be in a toxic, oppressive, abusive relationship

- Spiritual authority was given when we said Yes to Jesus. He gave both women and men His authority to lead and make disciples.

- Spiritual authority has nothing to do with gender or marriage

- Women were created to be mighty warriors not slaves or assistants

The book is about learning the truth and setting the captives free. Free of the lies of the enemy to live a life mighty for Jesus. Free to be Mighty!

According to research, 1 in 3 women are violently abused by their intimate partners. How much more are emotionally abused? Help start a movement to end oppression and abuse. Everyone knows someone in a toxic relationship, if not for you then pay it forward, get them the book found on Amazon.

I cannot do this alone. Thank you for your support.

Be free in order to be mighty for Jesus!

In freedom and might,



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