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The Bride has too Many Spots and Wrinkles

Updated: Jun 12

Is anyone reading God’s manual the Bible and actually applying it? Do people know who Jesus is, His character, His attributes, what He did, how He was? Do people know we are the Body of Christ, His Bride? You wouldn’t think so since we still see a culture where:

· Satanists and witches laugh at us because they see us as weak, without any power.

· You have the world walking all over us, because we are not fighting back.

· You have people afraid to tell the truth, or correct, in fear of hurting their feelings.

· You have people that can’t handle the truth and want to stay in their state of delusion, pride and sin.

· You have church leaders accepting or tolerating sin

· You have people starting churches with the wrong motives, wanting the spotlight, or money.

· Some are starting churches with complete ignorance and incompetence, yet they think they are doing God’s children a favor because they want to preach or minister.

· You have many leaders still oppressing the church because they want to be the boss and have the control, they want to be the head, instead of Jesus.

· You have many church leaders and pastors still oppressing women and their wives.

· Many pastors and church leaders are addicted to pornography...

Is this what the Body of Christ is supposed to look like? Are these the attributes of Jesus: weak, powerless, insecure, sexist, intimidated, selfish, prideful, ignorant, incompetent, offended, afraid of what people think, full of fear, full of abuse/oppression, full of sin? How sad! The Church is not doing a good job of being the Body of Jesus and representing Him on the earth. The Bible says to deny ourselves (Mat 16:24). Where is the integrity, righteousness and holiness? Where is the reverence of the Lord? Let’s stop the excuses and the foolishness and become the warrior bride without spot or wrinkle, be holy and blameless (Ephesians 5:27). Let Jesus be your focus, He is the solution to the leadership crisis in the church.

Taken from my book:

Well Done Good and Faithful Church Leader? Solutions to the Leadership Crisis in the Church - found on Amazon

Let's get Free to be Mighty!


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